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Behind my mask I hide my tears

Behind my mask I hide my fears

Behind my mask I hide my pain

Behind my mask never to be seen again

Behind my mask where things stay hidden

Behind my mask a soul so beaten

Behind my mask the guilt and shame

Behind my mask never to be seen again

Behind my mask the scars of my youth

Behind my mask the horrible truth

Behind my mask, my ball and chain

Behind my mask never to be seen again

Behind my mask sometimes so heavy to wear

Behind my mask no one seems to care

Behind my mask that is where I will stay

Behind my mask until my dying day.

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Silence of the Lambs

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How do we live with this pain everyday?

It’s deep in our souls, and it won’t go away

Put on another mask; pretend it’s not there

We suffer alone, as nobody really cares

Telling our stories, they close their ears

Sexual abuse of a child, they don’t want to hear

How do we cope, day after day

When the tears and pain get in the way

Hanging on by a single thread

Thoughts of self-harm, suicide raging through our heads

Why bother, why carry on?

Knowing these thoughts are very wrong

Our abusers protected by those at the top

I wish I could shoot the fucking lot

No sympathy for our innocence stolen

No cure for our anger growing

Raped at the age of six

That’s how my abuser got his kicks

A slap on the wrist, that’s what they get

Leaving us crippled inside our heads

Being a child is not what it seems


 It was so difficult to pretend it would seem

No world of hope, no heart full of dreams

No playing ground where everyone goes

Stuck with the secrets that nobody knows

Laying in bed my heart full of fear

Drowning in my very own tears

Searching looking for love

When there is no one around

Searching for help, that I never found

Lying in bed, hoping to die

Nobody here to hear my cry

Closing my eyes wishing him gone

Holding my heart because I know its wrong

No amount of bathing to wash it away

I found out, its here to stay

Wanting my mum to protect me at night

Yearning for her arms to hold me tight

The stale smell of cigarettes and beer

Asleep but awake full of fear

Laughing or joking, or having some fun

Was never a part of being young

My world, lost hope and shattered dreams

Being a child is not what it seems.

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Melanie Shaw, a name on many people’s lips

Three months without evidence in prison she sits

Abused as a child in Beechwood Children’s Home

Now abused by the state, lost and alone

Imprisoned, surrounded by memories of the past

No one who cares, how long can this last

Keeping Melanie silenced is the name of the game

Doing whatever they like, as they have no shame

Her body broken, gaping wounds that wont heal

The Prison ignoring their responsibility, so unreal!

MPs and the like, turn a blind eye

To this innocent, vulnerable persons cry

I beg you to help her, before its too late

It’s the innocence of a child for heavens sake

Compassion and care is what Melanie needs

To heal her body and her soul that bleeds

Written by @just_standing2


Coverups of Childhood Sexual Abuse


You cannot put a price on innocence that has been stolen

You cannot put a price on the lives that have been broken

You cannot put a price on a lifetime of shame

But you can make sure it never happens again

by  Janette Scharenborg

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Self harm


As I watch the blood falling from my arm

Its seems almost hypnotizing and calm

As I watch it drip on the cold white tiles

Forming a pattern before my eyes


Disengaged from myself the pain now gone

I cant stop hurting myself although I know its wrong

As I count the scars the cuts leave behind

My mind races back to the very first time


My thoughts become entangled and intertwined

Memories I try so desperately to leave behind

They keep coming back with greater pain

So I reach for the razor blade once again



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You can see it in their eyes

You can see it in their eyes, look carefully and you will see

Something has changed they are not how they used to be

Where once was laughter that shined so bright

They are now deep sunken and black as night

They have a secret they are not allowed to tell

Its turned their lives into a living hell

They feel lost, unloved and so ashamed

Think its their fault, that they are to blame

A person who they once trusted and called their friend

has done something to them they cant comprehend

they know its wrong, because it doesnt feel right

and yet it continues by day and also by night

They feel they are invisible because no one can see

They are not the child that they used to be

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